During the week of June 23rd – 28th, 2019, CORMO USA was excited to be part of the annual Rush County Fair which was held in Rushville, Indiana. CORMO had their first expo booth at the Shelby/Rush Energy Community Center during the entire event, utilizing the opportunity to meet many of the local community members and engage with the local farmers.

The company was overwhelmed with the warm welcome and gracious support of Rush County residents during our first event at CORMO USA first U.S. production site in Indiana. We were able to present a better overall picture of CORMO USA’s expansion plans, our production process, and how farmers can begin to get involved.

Many visitors had questions about when CORMO USA will be breaking ground on its new manufacturing site (end of August 2019), when our first job fair will be (late summer 2019), and when we will start speaking with farmers about harvesting stover (July 17, 2019, at the Root Building in Rushville, IN with the generous support of the local Purdue Extension).

It was our great pleasure to introduce actual samples of several of our products (TEFA and BABS) so that the general public could better understand what will be created in the production facility in Rushville.

TEFA is a peat moss substitute, made from the hard outer rind of the corn stems. TEFA is a perfect growing medium which can also be processed as a mushroom casing soil or potting soil. Peat moss is the basis of our food supply, used to sprout seedlings and provide nourishment for young plants. Worldwide demand for peat moss increases yearly while natural supply becomes more limited.

The second material created from the corn stover stalks is called BABS. This is the spongy inside of the stems which is a super-absorbent and can hold more than 25x its own weight. BABS is the basis of many advanced material alternative products to be developed, including materials for the building industry and air filtration solutions. CORMO USA is currently exploring several partnerships to establish viable, market-ready solutions.

CORMO USA was also excited to participate in the 4-H Auction, supporting youth in the area who have an interest in agriculture and livestock. We are proud to have sponsored two young 4-H participants who we hope will continue to utilize the leadership and life skills taught by the 4-H program across America as they continue their education and development into the future farmers of the U.S.

A big thank you to Rush County for welcoming us with open arms, the Rush County EDC for their sponsorship, and Mayor Mike Pavey and the City of Rushville for generously loaning us their fantastic interns to help support CORMO USA’s team during the event.