CORMO AG, one of the founding companies of CORMO USA along with Sustainable Projects Group Inc., has been developing a renewable peat substitute called TEFA since 2015 from corn stover.

Mushroom production requires black peat for the best looking and highest quality mushrooms. Unfortunately, black peat moss is in high demand but has a rather limited supply. So growers have been utilizing the lower quality blond peat moss for some time to continue production demands, knowing that the overall appearance of the mushrooms suffers.

Centro Tecnologico de Investigacion del Champignon (CTICH) in Spain recently completed scientific validated in a commercial production scenario utilizing TEFA for casing soil. The results showed that a blend of 50% TEFA and 50% blond peat produces Agaricus at the same yield as 100% black peat.

The results were published in the May 2019 Edition 94 of “Mushroom Business”. Download the PDF to read the full “Mushroom Business” article