When was CORMO USA established?

  • Cormo USA Inc was founded in November 2018.

Are you accepting vendors?

  • We will be accepting applications for vendors needed over the coming months. Cormo USA is committed to working with as many local vendors as possible to further support the community of Rush County and its surrounding areas.

Is the manufacturing process loud?

  • The machinery used is comparable in loudness to standard farming equipment.

When will you start purchasing corn stover?

  • Harvest season 2020 in limited quantities. 2021 ramping up production. A public information evening for farmers was held on July 17th in Rushville at the Root Building. Watch a replay of the event

How much will be paid for the stover?

  • Details will be available when we begin contracting.

When will you begin hiring in Rushville, IN?

  • A job fair will be held late summer 2020.

What sort of jobs will be available at CORMO USA?

  • A variety of jobs will include manufacturing, research, sales, and marketing.