TEFA™ Plant Substrate

TEFA™ is a fibrous structural material with low nutrient content, similar to peat. Based on TEFA™, CORMO has developed the ready-to-use TEFA™ 80, implementing solutions for N-immobilisation, nutrient content, salinity, and porosity. TEFA™ 80 contains 80% TEFA™ and 20% peat and is recommended for growing vegetables, ornamental plants and herbs.

TEFA™ 80 for the cultivation of vegetables, ornamental plants and herbs, in pots or beds, alone or mixed with top soil. TEFA™ 80 is optimally adjusted to the needs of plants with regard to the pH, nutrient composition and salt content. In addition, the good ratio of air- to water-pores results in ideal root development.

The term “earth” has a double meaning for us: on the one hand it stands for our planet as a whole and on the other hand it denotes the soil as the basis of life on this planet. We take it for granted that plants, food and feed grow out of the earth. In fact, only a complex and fragile interaction of biological, chemical and mechanical processes allows for this growth. According to a UN study, one third of the fertile farmlands worldwide are acutely threatened by desertification, erosion and mismanagement (see download).

At the same time, the importance of soil-less production is increasing. This production requires the utilisation of peat. Extensive experience with peat resulted in advanced production systems with maximum product yields. But peat is a fossil fuel, a limited resource. Cormo intends to offer TEFA™ as a sustainable substitute for peat, in all its applications.

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Ideal for container gardens, raised beds, houseplants, and potted plants.

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Article in the online version "The Guardian":

"Third of Earth's soil is acutely degraded due to agriculture"