Cormo USA Inc has the solution for turning corn-field waste into a 100% sustainable peat moss substitute (TEFA™) for the agricultural industry and foam products (BABS) for material science use (for example air filters).

Looking to establish the first pilot projects on US soil before the end of 2019, CORMO USA Inc. will utilize the massive corn production volume in the United States (as well as the significant demand for sustainable peat moss, filtration products and more) to gain a foothold in the agricultural industry and provide a better alternative for farmers and their fields.

CORMO Products


TEFA™ is a fibrous material similar to peat, for various horticultural applications.

casing soil

Substitute for peat-based casing soil usedfor the production of mushrooms.

Natural foam

A new material for a range of new applications!

Featured News

CORMO USA At the Indiana Farm Bureau Dinner in Rushville

CORMO USA At the Indiana Farm Bureau Dinner in Rushville

Cormo USA's CEO Stefan Muehlbauer was pleased to present at the annual dinner for the Rush County Indiana Farm Bureau on August 21st, 2019, in Rushville, Indiana. The Indiana Farm Bureau is the largest grassroots farm organization in the state with more than 250,000...

CTICH Mushroom Casing Trials A Success

CTICH Mushroom Casing Trials A Success

CORMO AG, one of the founding companies of CORMO USA along with Sustainable Projects Group Inc., has been developing a renewable peat substitute called TEFA since 2015 from corn stover.Mushroom production requires black peat for the best looking and...

Farmers Info Presentation – Rushville Extension

Farmers Info Presentation – Rushville Extension

On July 18th, 2019, CORMO USA held a presentation for the farmers of Rush County to further inform them about upcoming partnership opportunities and discuss what type of harvest changes and requirements will be necessary. We appreciate all who were able to...

What makes CORMO interesting for our partners?



Continuously providing a consistent quality of TEFA and BABS products


Introducing a unique method of using corn stalk waste (stover)


Our products are world novelties and offer new business opportunities


Proudly promoting our contribution to the conservation of the environment